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Live Chat Tagging

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In an effort to increase engagement across the community, users will be able to tag other users in a livestream chat. When they type in the @ symbol in chat, a username selection view would appear and allow users to choose users they want to tag. As they start typing, the username view will auto populate all the usernames that match what the user types.

For users that are tagged in a live chat, they will receive a notification that they are tagged. They will also be able to see the notification in their notification hub.


Where can I see the chat message that I was tagged in?

On iOS/Android, you can navigate to the Notification Tab and you should be able to see the user who tagged you, as well as the exact chat message where your username was tagged.


Can I Opt-Out?

For users that wish not to receive this type of notification, they will be able to opt out in their notification settings in their settings menu. Users can choose who can tag them: everyone, following only, or no one. The setting is defaulted to everyone.


Opt-Out.png    Opt-Out2.png


To promote community safety and maintain a positive user experience, users are rate limited to how many times they can tag others, and receivers are also rate limited to how many times they will receive this type of notification in a given time frame.

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