Application Rejection Reasons Application Rejection Reasons

Application Rejection Reasons

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If your application to sell on Whatnot is rejected, here are some common rejection reasons and tips on how to improve if you choose to reapply in the future.

Product Quality

The information provided on your application made it difficult to determine your inventory quality.  

How to improve: Ensure that the photo or video you include shows the actual items you plan to sell. How the items are displayed is a good indicator of how the items will be presented during a live stream so pay special attention to how you’re showcasing your items.

Product Quantity

The amount of inventory showcased on your application has been deemed not enough to go live consistently.

How to improve: Increase your inventory or if you have more than you provided on your application, ensure that the photo/video you are attaching to your application is a good representation of the amount of inventory you have. We are looking for evidence of enough inventory to go live consistently so one photo of one item would not be sufficient.

Product Authenticity

There are some concerns over the product showcased on your application being authentic. 

How to improve: Provide close-up photos/videos of your inventory and/or Certificates of Authenticity, if available.

Inappropriate Content

Inappropriate content was discovered on the social media links or inventory photos that were provided.

How to improve: Remove any NSFW or inappropriate content from your social media links, seller profile, and/or inventory photos/videos.

Non US/Canada Seller

Whatnot only supports US or Canadian based sellers at this time.

Under 18 Years Old

You are not currently eligible to sell live on Whatnot due to being under the age of 18.

Due to Whatnot’s Terms of Service, you must be 18 years old in order to create an account or use the Whatnot app.

Trust & Safety Violations

When reviewing your application, the team discovered prior Trust and Safety violations. We are not currently onboarding any sellers that have received any Trust and Safety violations.

Incomplete Application

Your application has not been approved due to one or more of the following:

  • Missing or broken seller links (eBay, Mercari, Poshmark, online store, etc)
  • Missing social media links (Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, etc)
  • Lack of inventory evidence

How to improve: Ensure you are completing every field on the application and providing as much evidence of your selling experience as possible, in order for our team to evaluate your application.

Unsupported Products

The inventory you submitted with your application is not currently supported on Whatnot. Please refer to this FAQ for guidance on what types of products can be sold on Whatnot.

How to improve: Whatnot is working on expanding our categories, so please continue to check back to see if we support your inventory.



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