CSV Uploader (BETA) CSV Uploader (BETA)

CSV Uploader (BETA)

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We’re very excited to announce that we’ve built one of the most requested features, CSV uploads! Now, sellers can upload a CSV file to build out their inventory for a show. 

Disclaimer* This feature is only available on Web at this time

Important things to know:

  • This feature is in Beta, so please bear with us while we continue to improve and fine-tune it
  • The values in Category, Sub Category, Type, and Shipping Profile are sensitive and need to match the allowable values that are specified in the Template

Click here to access the CSV Template that you can use to upload your inventory, and follow these steps:

  1. Click File → Make a Copy
  2. Fill out the template with your inventory (Note: do this within the Google Sheets copy you created in the previous step. Do not export to Excel.)
  3. Click File → Download → CSV
  4. Proceed to upload the file to Whatnot

Here is a tutorial on how to use this feature

If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback, please click here to reach out to our Seller Support team.


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