How do I host a Test Stream? How do I host a Test Stream?

How do I host a Test Stream?

Joshua Schafer Joshua Schafer

Test Mode allows you to host a Test Stream so that you can test out your streaming setup without being visible in the Home feed or notifying your followers that you've gone live. Here's how to set it up:

*Disclaimer: Test Mode can only be enabled/disabled from the Web at this time

1. Schedule a live show

2. Log into your account on and click on your profile icon in the top right hand corner. Then, click on "My Livestreams".


3. Click "Enable Test Mode", then click "Start Stream" to start your Test Stream. You can also start your show from our mobile app after enabling Test Mode on web! 



Now that Test Mode is enabled, your live will not show up in the Home feed, and your followers will not be notified that you are live.

To exit Test Mode, follow these steps

1. Click on "Stop Streaming" to stop your stream. You can also stop your stream from our mobile app by tapping on the show from the seller tab on your profile, and tapping the 3 dots on the right hand side. 



2. Click on "Disable Test Mode" to turn off Test Mode. Note: you can also do this without ending your stream, which will immediately notify all of your followers that you are live! 

3. If you end your show and plan to run it at a later point, click on "Edit Stream" and reschedule the show for a later time so it does not get deleted automatically.


If for any reason your live is deleted before you have a chance to reschedule it, navigate to the Seller Dashboard for the show, select the show on the left hand side and click "Restart Live Stream" in the top right hand corner to restore it! This will set the show to a "created" status so you can edit it from the My Livestreams section on web, or your seller profile in the mobile app.








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