Using OBS with your Livestream Using OBS with your Livestream

Using OBS with your Livestream

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Using OBS for your video feed and an external audio device(s) on Whatnot


As a live seller, you now have the ability to use OBS - also known as Open Broadcast Software to stream video from a computer to your live show. You can also select an independent audio source when starting your show from the web. 


For more information, and setup instructions, please follow the steps in this instructional video: 

Audio sources are not provided from within OBS. Your audio source will be selected from the "My Livestreams" section of your profile at A more advanced audio setup tutorial for using multiple audio sources will be provided here soon.


Please note - OBS is a 3rd party software. We cannot offer support for issues specific to the OBS application - or anything other than Whatnot software 


For advanced OBS tips & tricks follow the #stream-setup-obs-beta channel in our Seller Discord. If you are having any issues related to the Whatnot application or website please reach out to 

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