What Actions we Take What Actions we Take

What Actions we Take

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How We Enforce Policy

For nearly all types of policy violations, we will be issuing the following:

  • 1st offense: Warning
  • 2nd offense: 1-Wk Suspension (Buyer) / 1-Wk Suspension of Live Access + Early Payout Removal (Seller)
  • 3rd offense: Ban (Buyer) / Remove Live Access (Seller)

A seller will have three opportunities in each of the violation categories below. 

The following exceptions apply:

You will be immediately banned if you:

  • Knowingly sell counterfeit items
  • Make derogatory comments related to race, sex, sexual orientation, religion etc

You will be immediately suspended for 1 week if you:

  • Promote off-platform transaction (ask a buyer or seller to pay you outside the platform)
  • Share your account login details with another user (other than your employees)

You will get one warning, then be banned for subsequent abuses if you:

  • Shill bid a stream (bid up a stream with no intention to buy)
  • Create a username w/ derogatory language 

Please note that you will always have the chance to appeal any action against you. If you have any questions, please reach out to trustandsafety@whatnot.com.


  • Seller A is reported / found guilty of harassment = 1st Content Moderation violation (warning) 
  • Seller A is reported / found guilty of not adding floor/ceiling pricing = 1st Auction Fraud violation (warning)
  • Seller B initiates 4 cancellations in Feb. He has 20 orders that month, so his cancellations represent 20% of his orders (over the 1% threshold) = 1st Order Management Infraction (warning) 
  • 0.5% of Seller B’s orders had to be refunded in March = 1st Refund Abuse infraction (warning)
  • Seller B is reported / found guilty of misrepresenting the product condition = 1st Product Fraud violation (warning)
  • Seller B is reported / found guilty of overinflating the pricing on a product = 2nd Product Fraud violation (week suspension)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will these actions be additive (ie, will a warning for troll bidding and a warning for harassment = a suspension)? 

No, actions in separate violation categories (community guideline violations, gambling policy violations, etc) will be actioned separately.

Will the record of warnings or suspensions expire at any point? 

No, first or second offenses will not expire

If a seller violates a policy on another platform other than Whatnot, could they still be actioned on Whatnot? 

If we have irrefutable evidence that you’ve knowingly sold counterfeit items, not honored purchases or giveaways, or defrauded customers in any way off-platform, we can action on you on Whatnot per our policy. We have this policy in place so that we can action against bad actors in the hobby more broadly in order to safeguard our community here at Whatnot


Enforcement Matrix 




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