Selling NFTs on Whatnot [BETA] Selling NFTs on Whatnot [BETA]

Selling NFTs on Whatnot [BETA]

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Please check this page regularly for updates. We'll also be sending emails and community texts to NFT sellers, and posting regularly in the #nft-beta channel in the seller discord.

Sellers can now sell NFTs on Whatnot livestreams, subject to approval.

We currently support selected collections on the ETH and WAX blockchains, and we plan to support many more blockchains and collections over time.

Please note that our NFT experience is currently in beta. We're constantly building and improving our functionality in this space. Features are subject to change, and you may run into some bugs or rough edges.

How can I get approved to sell NFTs on Whatnot?

As of 4/22/22, we're opening up NFT selling to all current Whatnot live sellers! Would love for everyone that sells on Whatnot to give it a try (no shipping or packing is a pretty nice perk).


If you are not currently a live seller, but are interested in selling NFTs here, please feel free to apply [link].


How do NFTs work on Whatnot?

We want to make NFT buying and selling as easy as possible. We also want to create a great experience for both sellers and buyers involved.

We currently use a 'custodial wallet' model for NFTs. Think of us as an exchange that's helping facilitate the sale.

The NFT flow generally works like this:

  • A seller transfers an NFT on the blockchain to our custodial wallet
  • We import the asset into our system, and place it inside the seller's "gallery"
  • The seller can then show and sell the asset on a livestream directly to a buyer (in a live auction or via buy-it-now)
  • Buyers pay for the NFTs in USD. Buying an NFT on Whatnot is essentially as easy as buying a physical item, and no knowledge of crypto, web3, wallets, etc is required.
  • After a purchase, the asset is directly transferred to the buyer's "gallery,"
  • A buyer can then hold the asset, resell it on Whatnot, or export it back out to their own wallet on the blockchain

Another important note - all NFT selling and buying needs to be done in the web browser rather than in the mobile iOS and Android apps.

As a result, if someone joins your NFT live from one of the apps, they'll automatically be redirected to the web browser.

How to import NFTs into Whatnot


WAX NFTs from supported collections need to be brought to Whatnot before they can be sold. Supported collections can be found in your gallery. Follow these steps to have your NFTs ready for sale

1. Acquire your assets on, atomichub, or other platform

2. Transfer your assets to the WAX account nfttowhatnot and include your Whatnot username in the memo:


IMPORTANT - Be sure to get your whatnot username exactly correct, or your import will not work automatically

3. Wait roughly ~10 minutes, and you should see your assets in your web gallery

4. You'll then be able to sell these assets in a livestream


Set up an NFT livestream

1. Create a livestream like any other (either in the app or on the web)

2. Put "NFT" or "NFTs" somewhere in the title of your live (this will ensure that the show is auto-tagged with the #NFT category)

3. Choose a second relevant category for your show. For example, if you're selling Funko NFTs, you may want to select the #Funko category


Your show will be dual-listed in both #NFTs and whatever other category you select, which will help you get additional exposure.

Add NFTs to your livestream

You need to add NFTs to your live on the web.

IMPORTANT: Ensure you aren't in vacation mode on Whatnot when selling NFTs in a live. If you are, all orders for your NFTs will fail.

1. Once your show is created, you can go to

2. Find your livestream, click "Open Stream"


3. Click 'Add Product'


4. Click 'Select NFTs'


5. Choose the NFTs you'd like to sell, and then click the '+' icon in the corner. Accept the confirmation, and you'll have the items available in your live.


6. You can now run these NFTs in auctions or sell them in buy it now like other products. You'll also see on web that the NFT asset is shown in the corner



Running an NFT livestream

Some tips for NFT livestreams:

1. Expect to do some education of your audience around both NFTs, and how NFTs work on Whatnot

2. You can use your phone as your camera/mic for the live, but we recommend having your live open in a browser on a computer too so you can see what your audience sees (with the NFT preview), and to be able to add more NFTs and manage them.

3. Using OBS to show more project details, or other related data, from your computer can help with your show as well.

(more tips coming soon)

Additional features

Transfer between users

You can send NFTs to other Whatnot users via your gallery



NFT repacks (alpha)

We have a brand new feature where sellers can take a collection of NFTs and put them into blind box style mystery packs. They can then sell and rip those packs live, creating a super exciting experience for everyone.

Our system will also handle automatically communicating floor, average, and ceiling prices for a box of packs.

This feature is in an 'alpha' state, so consider it even more experimental than the NFT functionality as a whole. That being said, several sellers are trying this out early on and having great results. Please send reports of any questions or issues related to this to or come chat with us in the seller discord in #nft-beta

To use this functionality, go to your gallery on web (

Click the 'create repacks' button at the top of the page to start the experience.


On the next page, you can begin choosing NFTs to put into packs. When done, click 'create packs.'


Notes (please read all of these before starting):

1. At the moment packs always contain 5 NFTs

2. You need to create a group of at least 5 packs at a time, which means you'll need a minimum of 25 NFTs to create some packs

3. You CAN, however, create more than 5 packs in one go, simply keep selecting more NFTs after you get to 25

4. The order you choose NFTs matters. The first 5 you choose will go into a pack, the second 5 you choose will go into a second pack, and so on. The packs will then be randomized so you won't know which is which.

5. You can change the title of your repack set at the top of the page

Once you've made some packs, you can add them to a livestream just like any other NFT, and auction them or sell as buy it now.

You can rip a pack immediately after a sale (you'll see a button to do so), or, you can sell all of the packs and then go to the 'sold' tap to rip each afterwards.

Packs currently must be ripped during the live they're sold.

There's not currently any way to open a pack other than selling and ripping during a live

Please reach out to us at or #nft-beta in discord if you have any questions or run into any issues!



Additional notes

Currently NFTs are subject to a 2.5% commission rate on Whatnot (plus a payment processing fee of 2.9% + 30c flat rate). 
Royalty fees for WAX NFTs (go to the NFT creator (typically 6%) and the WAX network (2%))

Interested in selling a WAX collection not listed in the gallery? 

Email us the details at

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