Whatnot Giveaways (For Sellers) Whatnot Giveaways (For Sellers)

Whatnot Giveaways (For Sellers)

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Giveaways is a functionality in the app that allows sellers to give away items for free to viewers in their stream who elect to participate. The sellers get to decide when to run the giveaway after enough people enter. Then, a randomizer draws a random winner, and the winner is announced in the stream.




What version of iOS do you need?

3.1.4 iOS


How do I run a giveaway?
To run a giveaway, simply add a product as you normally would. Then, click "Giveaway" in the top panel, and continue to enter in the product details. Once finished, click listings and navigate to the Giveaways tab to locate the listing. Then click "pin item for giveaway," and when you are ready, click "select winner" to pick a random winner!


Who pays for shipping?

Sellers will pay for shipping and we’ll deduct the shipping amount from their account balance.


Can a giveaway happen while an auction is in progress?

No, giveaways won’t happen while an auction is in progress.


I don’t see the Giveaways option in my show?

Make sure your app is updated to the latest version in the Apple App Store or Google Play store. 


Can I choose who I want to enter into the giveaway?

No, anyone who is in the live will have the ability to enter the Giveaway. Sellers cannot apply restrictions to Giveaways outside of those that are natively hosted on our platform. Requiring purchases for giveaway entries is illegal and you will be subject to investigation. Please abide by your local and state guidelines. Below are the only restrictions that are natively hosted on Whatnot:

  • A buyer must be present in the live to win
  • Sellers can restrict entries to U.S only
  • Sellers can restrict entries to followers only
  • Sellers can restrict entries in their shows to Whatnot Verified Buyers only by using the Verified Buyers feature

What happens if  I don't have money in my Whatnot account to be charged for shipping. Will it just create a deficit on my account?

Yes, it will create a negative balance on your account. The amount you owe will be deducted from future earnings.


If a user is required to be present to win, how does the seller determine if they are present?

It is not necessary or allowed to ask the winner of a giveaway if they are present in the chat as the app is designed to automatically remove the entries of users real time who enter a giveaway then leave the live before the winner is drawn. If a user who entered the giveaway leaves the chat and returns, the app will automatically enter the user back into the giveaway upon their return. 


Can I ask users who enter the giveaway to follow other users on Whatnot, Instagram or other social platforms?
While it is not against the rules to ask your viewers to follow other users, you cannot require that they do so in order to win a giveaway. You cannot deny the winner the giveaway prize if they choose not to follow another user.


Once a giveaway is set to go live, do you have to end it right away?

No! A seller can pin and unpin the giveaway several times during the show giving several windows for users to join the giveaway and potentially run the randomizer only at the end of the show.


If I choose to offer giveaway entries to international buyers, who pays for shipping?

The seller is responsible for these shipping charges. 

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