Whatnot Giveaways (For Buyers) Whatnot Giveaways (For Buyers)

Whatnot Giveaways (For Buyers)

Brooke Wolfrom Brooke Wolfrom

Giveaways is a functionality in the app that allows sellers to give away items for free to viewers in their stream who elect to participate. The sellers get to decide when to run the giveaway after enough people enter. Then, a randomizer draws a random winner, and the winner is announced in the stream.


What version of ios do you need?

3.1.4 iOS


Who pays for shipping, the seller or the buyer?

The seller will be responsible for shipping charges.


Can a seller choose who they want to enter into the giveaway?

Sellers have the ability to limit giveaway entries to only the host's followers, Whatnot Verified Buyers, as well as those within the U.S. You must also be present in the live to win. Outside of these rules, no restrictions are allowed to be imposed during giveaways. 


What happens if the seller doesn't ship out the item?

We will hold sellers accountable for this. We will not be able to offer refunds as the buyer did not pay anything for the items.


What happens if my item is damaged?

We will not be doing refunds or compensation on any damaged items. 


I'm an international buyer and I won the giveaway, who pays for shipping? 

The seller is responsible for any shipping charges. 



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