Checklist for your First Live Checklist for your First Live

Checklist for your First Live

Whatnot Seller Support Whatnot Seller Support
  1. Add your seller shipping/return address. You can add your shipping and return address by follow the steps here: Add a Shipping Address and Return Address
  2. Add your PayPal or ACH information. For steps on how to complete this, check out Where can I deposit my funds?
  3. Ensure your shipping label settings are correct. The default shipping label will be printed with regular paper. You can now update your printer settings from within your seller dashboard! Simply choose a show from the drop-down menu. Click the pencil icon directly above the Generate Scan button to edit your printer settings. Feel free to reach out to if you need further assistance or have any questions 
  4. Now it's time to schedule your first show! Check out How do I set up a live show?
  5. It is a really good idea to add a Preview Video for your lives or a Thumbnail. For tips on adding a preview video or a thumbnail, see Adding a Preview Video or Thumbnail for your Live.
  6. For best results, we recommend adding all products that you plan on selling in your livestream before you go live. Be sure to add accurate item descriptions and conditions to your products. For steps on how to add products to a live, check out Adding a New Listing
  7. Schedule your live.

You’re all set for your first live show! 

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