Pre-Bidding Guide Pre-Bidding Guide

Pre-Bidding Guide

Brooke Wolfrom Brooke Wolfrom

Pre-bidding allows you to bid on an item listed in a seller’s product list before the auction starts. As soon as the live auction begins, the pre-bidding will close and the regular auction will commence, starting with the highest pre-bid. If nobody outbids your pre-bid during the live show, the item is yours! 

If I pre-bid on an item, do I need to be present for the live auction?

No, you do not need to be present for the live auction. However, there is a chance that someone will outbid you during the live show. 

Are pre-bids binding?

Yes, if you pre-bid on an item and are the highest bidder when the live auction finishes, the item is yours and your payment will be immediately captured from your card on file. 

How does payment work? 

If you are the highest bidder when the live auction is finished, payment will be processed immediately from your card on file. 

Is there a minimum or maximum dollar amount that you can pre-bid on an item? 

All pre-bids will start at $1. If the host starts the auction higher than $1, all lower pre-bids will be voided. There is no maximum on how much you can bid on a given item. Highest bids are binding.

Can I pre-bid on Buy It Now items?

No, pre-bid will only be available for live auction items. 

What if the auction never happens?

If the item you pre-bid on never gets put up for auction, your pre-bid will be dropped and there will be no charge to your account. 

What if I misbid on a pre-bid?

There is currently no way to cancel a pre-bid at this time. If you place an accidental pre-bid, please click here to contact our Support team before the auction starts for further assistance. 

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