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Custom Shipping Profiles in the Whatnot App


You can now create custom shipping profiles directly in the Whatnot app! This ensures that your items will be processed correctly by the shipping carrier and not rejected, returned to sender or cause your buyer to incur excess postage fees upon delivery.


More commonly listed products will have an existing shipping profile. You can create your own if you regularly sell something that does not fit in an existing shipping profile.


To create custom shipping profiles, access your profile by selecting the profile icon on the bottom right of the screen, and tap the sidebar in the top right corner.




Scroll down and tap the "Shipping Profiles" button.




Tap the + in the top right corner to add a new shipping profile, or tap on an existing profile to edit.




Please note: The maximum weight for anything that can ship via USPS is 70 lbs.




  • Input the name of your Shipping Profile item

  • Input the weight of the item (make sure you choose the correct unit of measurement in the Scale field)

  • Input your Package Dimensions (again, make sure you choose the correct unit of measurement in the Scale field)

  • Save your Profile


Now when you add items to your Livestream, you can select this shipping profile. All of your custom Shipping Profiles will appear at the top of the selection carousel when you select your Shipping Profile, followed by the Whatnot shipping profiles for commonly sold items in the catalog.





Fill in the rest of the fields as you normally would (Name, Description, etc.)

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