Shipping Policy Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

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Shipping, Made Easy

Our team works hard to make sure shipping is as fast and easy as possible.

We partner with USPS and Canada Post to ensure your order is delivered safely and securely.

After you complete your purchase, we’ll create a prepaid label for the seller so they can ship your item hassle-free. All Whatnot labels come with tracking to help provide you and the seller peace of mind while your order is in transit.

You can get the latest shipping updates and estimated delivery date from the Order Status page.

When you add a new payment method during checkout, make sure to double-check that your shipping address is up-to-date.

Shipping Cost

Shipping prices are based on the item’s weight and the buyer's geographical location. For US buyers purchasing from US sellers, shipping for your first item starts at $4 and increases based on weight.

For Canadian or US buyers purchasing from Canadian sellers, shipping for your first item starts at $10.50 and increases based on weight.

For all other international buyers, shipping varies based on your geographical location. When viewing a live show, tap the blue "Shipping and Tax Information" button to view the exact shipping cost that you will pay.

In a live stream, when you purchase multiple items, you’ll be charged incrementally based on the item's weight. How much is shipping for buyers?

Shipping time frame

We ask sellers to ship orders within 2 business days of the item being sold. 

On average an order purchased through Whatnot arrives to you in 7 days, however, it is typical for an order to take up to 14 days. If your tracking stops receiving updates, we recommend reaching out to the shipping provider. If they can’t locate the package and there hasn’t been a tracking update for 12 or more days, please click here to contact our Support team

Where Does Whatnot Ship to?

Whatnot ships all 50 states and the District of Columbia. We support shipping to PO/APO/FPO addresses.

Whatnot ships to most countries around the world. You can see the available countries at checkout!

We're pretty confident we got you covered! 

International Shipping

Whatnot ships all international packages from the United States. We use USPS International Shipping Service which is among the best-priced ways to ship internationally. Cost varies by location.

Here are a few things you should know about our international shipping:

  • The buyer is responsible for all local customs fees and taxes.
  • Shipping time depends on the country, but typically takes 1-4 weeks after we authenticate the item (about 3-8 days after your initial purchase). 
  • Please note, USPS does not have a guaranteed delivery time for international packages using this service, and depending on your country's postal and custom services it can take a longer period of time.
  • The package will be delivered to you by your local postal service.
  • Package tracking is available in over 40 countries. You can find them listed here.
  • All items purchased through the Marketplace are required to go through our hand-verification process which is subject to a $7.50 fee upon checkout.

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