Providing seller data Providing seller data

Providing seller data

Brooke Wolfrom Brooke Wolfrom


If you are a seller and would like to gain information on data surrounding your sales, our team is happy to provide our sellers with a breakdown of their fees. We have built a seller data report that you can request in order to see specific metrics based on your sales.

What the report consists of:

  • Sales data broken down per livestream
  • Total revenue generated 
  • Take home revenue after fees
  • Commission percentage
  • Total commission paid 
  • Total processing fees paid 

To request this information, please click here to reach out to our Seller Support team. Include your username and request your sales data to receive the information quickly.

Please keep in mind that the report will have every Livestream you have done up to the current date. You can search a live stream by filtering by the date. Live streams will be listed with your most recent live at the top of the report. 

Our team will be happy to answer any questions you have surrounding this data. 

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