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Claim returns & refunds

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What Signifies a Return?

An item will be issued as a full refund if the Whatnot team members determine that a partial refund does not pass as an acceptable solution.

  • Value of item significantly dropped due to outside conditions
  • Part of order is missing, incomplete, or incorrect
  • The condition of the order do not match what was communicated

In order to receive the refund, you must contact support within 1-2 days of receiving the item. We may also ask that you return the item to us.

Returning the item:

  • Once the return has been approved, we’ll email you a prepaid return label. Check out our packing guidelines for packaging tips. We ask buyers to ship their return within 3 business days of approval. If not, we will have to cancel the request and close the order.

Approving Refund:

  • Upon delivery, our verification team will inspect the item and confirm the claims communicated are consistent with the returned product. If our verification team confirms the claim, a full refund will be issued on the order.

Processing Refund:

  • All refunds are credited back into the payment processed account. You will receive the refund within 2-3 business days after the Whatnot team member approves the refund.

Receiving Partial Refunds:

  • Partial refunds are calculated at Whatnot’s sole discretion in order to optimize the customer experience for both the buyer and seller. The percentage of partial refunds varies for each order and may be evaluated based on different refund reasons.


If you have any questions regarding returning an item, please click here to contact our Support team for any questions.


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