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ACH Payout

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Located on the web dashboard, you will find the Payments tab that supports ACH Payouts through Dwolla (US sellers) or Stripe (Canada sellers). This is an alternative Cash Out method to PayPal. The standard payment processing fees still apply to ACH Payout.


Note: We will be enabling payouts via Stripe for Canadian sellers over the next few weeks. You can continue using PayPal as your primary Cash Out method for now.


 Through ACH Payouts you will be able to:

  • View your Balance
  • Link a bank account (Using Dwolla)
  • Request a payout using ACH
  • View your ACH payout history

Linking a Bank Account

To link a bank account, initiate Dwolla's IAV Flow by clicking Add Bank Account


Select your bank and complete the flow by selecting one of the following:

  • Instant Account Verification (Recommended) 
  • Micro Deposit Verification (Takes 1-3 Business Days) 

Please complete the IAV flow and choose the bank accounts you wish to use as the destination to receive payouts through ACH. On Dwolla, this creates a funding source for the user.


Screen_Shot_2022-02-16_at_11.50.18_AM.png Screen_Shot_2022-02-16_at_11.50.38_AM.png

Once you have completed the flow it can take up to 5 minutes for the bank account to be visible as an option to request a payout to.

Requesting an ACH Payout

Upon completing the account verification flow described above, you should see the bank account as an option in the dropdown for the Cash-out method


You can add multiple bank accounts using the Add Bank Account button and going through the account verification flow described above.

Once a bank account has been selected you can request a payout by clicking Cash Out which initiates an ACH payout of the total balance shown

You should now see an entry in the Payout History table and a balance of $0


Once the ACH transfer has been initiated the funds can take anywhere from 1 to 3 business days to appear within your desired bank account. Please note that transferred funds will not be processed over weekends or holidays. Please expect delays when initiating transfers near these timeframes. 


If you have any questions please click here to contact our Seller Support team.

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