How do I add an item to a live? How do I add an item to a live?

How do I add an item to a live?

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How to add items from the Mobile App:

1. From the Homescreen of the Whatnot app, tap on your profile page in the bottom right hand corner

2. Tap on the Seller tab, and tap on the show you want to add items to

3. Once inside the show, tap the + icon on the right hand side to bring up the add items menu


4. You can choose to Quick Add, Scan a Barcode, or Search our Database to add an item:

  • For items that are in our Marketplace Catalog, you can add them to your live via the Search our Database or Scan a Barcode option. Note: Scan a Barcode works primarily for Funko Pops, Funko Sodas, or FigPin products.
  • For items that are not in the Marketplace Catalog, choose Quick Add and select the category of the item you are selling. Choose #other if the item category is not on the list
  • For Quick Add items, you will need to choose a category and designate a Shipping Profile. There are several pre-loaded Shipping Profiles you can choose from. You can also choose from any custom Shipping Profiles you have created. For more information on how to create Custom Shipping Profiles, please reference our Shipping Profiles article. You can also choose “other” to input the item’s weight manually.
  • If you are running Mystery Items or a Pull Game, select the "Mystery Item or Pull Game?" option to automatically input your Floor, Ceiling, and Average!


5. The default setting when adding items is Auction. You can also tap on the Buy it Now or Giveaway option at the top to add a Buy it Now or Giveaway item. Note: For auctions, you will designate a starting price during your live stream when you tap the item to put it up for auction. 


6. For Quick Add items, tap “Add Photos” if you want to take a photo of the item you are listing (photos must be taken when adding the item, and cannot be edited in later)

7. Fill out all of the required fields, and click confirm at the bottom. 


How to add live items from Web:

1. Click on your profile on and select “My Livestreams”


2. Click Open Stream


3. Click Add in the bottom left hand corner


4. On Web, you Quick Add, or Search our Database for items, or add a Poll (Giveaways are not available on Web at this time)


5. You can use polls to ask a question to your audience and give them answer choices to choose from! (Only available on Web at this time)


6. Fill out the required fields for the item you are adding and click confirm at the bottom. 



  • Be as descriptive as possible in your description! For example, some products in the catalog can be generic (“Freddy Funko”). You can augment the title and description with any extra detail you want. This will reduce repeated questions from chat while you are live.
  • If you plan on selling more than one of the same item, you can use the “Quantity” field to automatically add multiple of the same item at once. We will automatically add numbers after each one (Box break spot #1, Box break spot #2, etc.)
  • If you are having trouble selling a Buy it Now option, you can tap on the item in your item list and run it as an auction instead!
  • For Buy it Now items, be careful not to type the price in the quantity field or it will add that number of items to your store! 

To learn how to start an auction, or for more information on the features available to you while live, you can review our While You're Live FAQ! Please contact for any questions or concerns. 

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