Keeping Whatnot Safe Keeping Whatnot Safe

Keeping Whatnot Safe

Brooke Wolfrom Brooke Wolfrom

We take the safety of our platform very seriously! We actively work to ensure counterfeits products and scammers are not present on Whatnot.

Here are some of the many steps we take to keep Whatnot safe:

  • Sellers cannot upload photos on Whatnot. They have to take photos directly on their phone, so what they list, they actually own

  • We verify every sale to ensure you get what you want and not counterfeits

  • We verify every live streaming host to ensure they sell authentic products and will ship your products safely and with care

  • We offer hand verification to ensure you always receive the item you want

  • We require every seller to safely package their items and adhere to our guidelines.

  • All of our sellers must verify their phones number

  • Sellers who knowingly try to sell counterfeits, or who do not properly ship products are removed from Whatnot


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