How to schedule a live show? How to schedule a live show?

How to schedule a live show?

Brooke Wolfrom Brooke Wolfrom

Once your account has been approved for going live, here's everything you need to know about going live:

  1. Open the Whatnot app, select your profile icon on the bottom right of the screen, tap the '+' in the top right hand corner of the screen, then select 'Schedule a live show'.
  2. Enter a title, set the date/time, and add a tag (max one).

  3. When you’re ready to add products, click into your show, and click the ‘tag’ icon. From there, click the ‘tag’ icon with the ‘+’ and either scan the item’s barcode (for Funko & FigPin) or search our catalog of collectibles. If you don’t find what you’re looking for or want to add a custom item, select "Quick Add”.

  4. Auction vs. Set Price: When you set an item for auction, you’ll set the auction time and price when you’re live (just add the title and description/condition now). When you set an item for Buy-it-Now, you’ll set the price in addition to the above. This is a good way to get people excited for the auction, as they can pre-purchase a pack to break or Pop to show off.

  5. Promote! Once you’ve added all your products, you’re all set until showtime! Make sure your fans follow your profile on Whatnot so they’ll be notified when you’re live and take advantage of the share functionality that links directly to your stream. You’ll find that shareable link on your Show Card and in the Waiting Room.

  6. When it’s go-time, click that start button (only when you’re ready to stream, and don’t hit ‘end’ until you’ve finished).

  7. Once you’re streaming, it’s your show. Engage with the viewers, take requests for products, and go at your own pace. You set the sequence of auctions, and no sweat if you don’t get to everything.

  8. When you’re finished, hit that ‘end’ button and take a breather!

  9. We’ve made shipping easy, and even bundle multiple orders for you. You can go here to learn how to ship things out.

Please click here to contact our Seller Support team for any help/questions! 

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