International shipping International shipping

International shipping

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Whatnot ships all international packages from the United States or Canada. We use USPS International Shipping Service or Canada Post International (depending on the location of the seller) which are among the best-priced options to ship internationally. The cost is around $20 to ship an item, but this does vary by location.

  • To see the exact shipping cost for Marketplace orders, go into checkout and input in your address to see the potential shipping cost (you don't need to actually checkout to see the cost)
  • To see the exact shipping cost for Livestream orders, click the "Shipping & Tax" button under the item name and description


Here are a few things you should know about our international shipping:

  • You are responsible for all local customs, fees, and taxes

  • Shipping time depends on the country, but typically takes 1-3 weeks after we authenticate the item (about 3-8 days after your initial purchase)

  • Please note, USPS and Canada Post do not have a guaranteed delivery time for international packages. Depending on your country's postal and custom services it can take a longer period of time - some international orders will take over 30 days to be shipped

  • The package will be delivered to you by your local postal service

  • Package tracking is available in over 40 countries. You can find them listed here

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