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Whatnot Community Guidelines

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At Whatnot, we've created a fun, safe and inclusive community for collectors and like-minded people.

We're asking buyers and sellers, our community, to adhere to the following simple guidelines: be nice and be honest.


  • If we find evidence that you were dishonest, or have mistreated another person or a Whatnot employee, you may be temporarily or permanently banned from Whatnot. Whatnot will own this decision, and Whatnot's decision will be final.

Guidelines for everyone:

  • Do not engage in racism, bigotry or misogyny. We have a zero-tolerance policy on any of this behavior. If you’re caught doing it, you will be banned.
  • Treat Whatnot Staff with Respect: It can be frustrating when things go wrong, but the staff is here to help; treat them with respect, and cooperate with problem-solving.
  • Do Not Spam: Do not send the same message over and over again.
  • Do Not Bash Pricing: It’s ok to talk about the price or estimated value of an item, but it’s not ok to give anyone a hard time for what they pay for something. It’s their choice how to spend their money, and you should not criticize them for it.
  • Do Not Game Auctions: Don't do anything to disrupt a live auction or artificially influence the price of an item.
  • Do Not Share Your Account: You are responsible for the activity that happens under your username; accounts should only used by those to whom the account is issued.

Guidelines for sellers:

  • Do Not Sell Fakes: Never misrepresent the authenticity of an item.
  • Be Truthful about Condition: Be honest about the condition of an item you're selling.
  • Be Truthful about Pricing: If you cite the value of an item, be prepared to back it up with real data on comparable market prices. Never inflate the market value of an item, especially "mystery packs" and other compilations. We may ask you to support your estimated value; misstated values may lead to orders cancellation, buyer refunds or banning.
  • Do Not Accept / Solicit Off-Platform Payment: Payments for items sold must be processed through the Whatnot platform. Sellers should never accept or solicit payment outside of Whatnot's payment system.
  • Do Not Improperly Associate the Whatnot Name or Brand with Obscene or Inappropriate Content. We will ban any user that improperly associates our brand with harmful and/or inappropriate content.
  • Do Not Promote Your Items in Another's Stream: Keep your commentary relevant to the stream in progress, and do not promote yourself or your items in a stream that is not yours.
  • Do Not Ban without Cause: Sellers can ban users from their stream if they are judged to be violating community guidelines. Sellers must not abuse this authority, or ban without good reason.
  • No Gambling: Whatnot is not a gaming platform, and games of chance or raffles are not permitted.
  • Ship Quickly: Please ensure you ship your items within 72 hours of sale.
  • Ship Safely: Carefully package your items to ensure they arrive safely.

Guidelines for buyers:

  • No Chargebacks: All bids are binding and all sales are final. If there is an issue with your purchase, please contact support. Buyers submitting payment disputes will be banned.


If you have any questions, we’re available at support@whatnot.com

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