Condition definitions on Whatnot Condition definitions on Whatnot

Condition definitions on Whatnot

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Here is a short description of how things are categorized on Whatnot:

  • Mint: Item and/or packaging are in great condition and both have no clearly visible defects or damage. For cards, there are no visible marks for shuffling, handling, clouding, printing defects or damages, and it looks like it was just pulled from a pack and went straight for a shield. 
  • Near Mint: Item is in great condition along with packaging but may have up to 2 minor bits of damage. For cards, they show minimal to no wear from shuffling, playing or handling, surface flaws or slight fading or warping. Basically, in this type of card it is hard to see any damage or aging signal at first glance.  If you are used to buying singles in local game stores, here are the Near Mint and Slightly Played cards. 
  • Good: Item is not broken, but may show some signs of wear along with packaging. For cards, they show significant signals of wear from shuffling, play or handling, showing dirt, smudges, small bends, warping, clouding and a little flaking. If you are used to buying singles in a local game store, here are the Moderately Played cards.
  • Damaged: Packaging may be heavily damaged, but is still in one piece where applicable. Items may show signs of significant wear but are not broken. For cards, they may have extreme border wear, corner wear, heavy scratching or scuffing, folds, creases, tears or other types of damage that impacts the physical structure of the card (that includes damage by any type of liquid). We must be able to handle the card properly without a shield and this will not affect the integrity of the card. Here are the Heavily Played and Damaged cards, if you are used to buy singles in local game stores.
  • If you are selling something, and in doubt of an items condition, please tag it conservatively, so you don't disappoint a buyer. Reach out to if you have any questions regarding an item's condition. 

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