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Return Policy

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Whatnot is a Marketplace that connects buyers and sellers. Whatnot features live shopping and competitive bidding for rare and limited product. To protect the integrity of the marketplace and auction process: ALL BIDS ARE BINDING and ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

You may receive a full refund on an item at no cost to you if:

  • The item was damaged in shipping
  • The item was clearly sent with damage that does not match listing photos 
  • The incorrect item was sent to you
  • If the item does not have any photos, and it does not match the condition listed
  • The item is a counterfeit in some way (e.g., Figurine, Sticker)

Whatnot will not refund orders after 3 days of receiving the order. If you would like to receive a refund, please contact us at within 1-2 days of receiving the item. We may also ask that you return the item to us -- we will send out a pre-paid shipping label via email. 

Please contact support within 30 days of placing an order if you have not received a tracking update or your package. If you do not contact support within 30 days of placing the order Whatnot reserves the right to deny your refund request.


Misbids/Accidental Bids:

You must report this to within 2 hours of the error in order for the cancellation to be considered (We do not refund for buyer’s remorse).

If the request is not sent within 2 hours, the item is considered final sale

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